Unlock the Secrets to Studying, Working, Living & Succeeding in Canada

How This International Student Was Able to
Break Through Culture Differences,
Reach NEW HEIGHTS at School, Work & in Life in Canada

Proven Frameworks, Tools, Strategies & Tips from a Former International Student

Learn How to Become Independent & Adapt Easily
For Better Opportunities in School and the Workplace
Right From the Moment You Arrive in Canada
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What is This Book About?

Start Right is a genuine, authentic and simple step-by-step guide to achieving success in Canada. Use this guide to:

 Pick the Right School & Secure Scholarships

 Apply & Get Into Your Dream University or College

 Become Independent

 Overcome Homesickness

 Adapt to the Local Culture

 Make New Friends (even if you're shy or an introvert)

 Master English & Improve Your Accent

 Build Your Personal Brand & Network 

Graduate With Flying Colours

Land a High-Paying Dream Job After Graduation

 Transition to Permanent Residency and Citizenship in Canada

It's been said before but it's true: You're already winning the race when you get a good start. This comprehensive guide is an accelerator to kick start your journey to Canada and quickly get ahead
P.S.: The first 90 days in Canada is pretty this offer will expire soon. So don't waste any more time. Order your FREE copy now!
Get the Book & Access to the Start Right Portal and Private Community (est. $157 value)
For Just the Cost of Shipping!
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Joshua F.

Student From Ghana

BA Honours Economics, York University, Toronto

"I personally wish I had gotten the advice of having a mentor much earlier in my undergraduate studies. It is always beneficial to have someone who has blazed the trail to guide you through your academic and professional journey. However, I understand that it is never too late to find one."


boris remes
Boris left Almaty, Kazakhstan as an international student at the age of sixteen. 

He lived and worked in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, studied on exchange in Paris, France, and has visited more than sixty countries in the past six years.

Fast forward to today and Boris Remes is now an award-winning education marketer, entrepreneur, speaker, and author.

And he has supported more than 1,000 international students who've had a strong desire to pursue their dream life in Canada.

"I liked that it is so personal, and that you have put EVERYTHING into this one book, unlike many other self-help books that give you small bites and make you subscribe to something else."

Terence C.

From: Boris Remes
About: Your Life in Canada as an International Student

Dear friend,

You might be reading this because:

You've always wanted to move to Canada, either for studies or work, but you have zero idea about the required steps

OR you've successfully entered a university or college, but your performance is stagnant and you want to perform better

OR you want to get a high-paying job after graduation, but you're not sure how to achieve that in the fastest possible way

OR you hope to make more new local friends in Canada, but you're afraid they'll judge your "funny" accent

OR you simply want to prove to your loved ones that YOU CAN & make them feel really proud of you, because you can't return to your hometown empty-handed. 

I was once in your shoes, too!

Then I bought a one-way ticket.

I left my family in Kazakhstan and came to Canada, a country where I didn't know a single person. I was alone. 
I had to figure out EVERYTHING by myself, through trial and error, and I often wished I had a guidebook to help me start right.

Despite Canada being the most welcoming country anyone could ask for, my journey wasn't easy. 

There were a few painful incidents that I'll never forget. It's like they happened yesterday. And the only reason I was misjudged was because I did not sound like a local. What the heck, right?

And yes—I became very discouraged. I didn't know what to do. 

But as the days passed, I realized that I had to persevere, stand up and be firm, and never allow others look down on me that easily again. I would not let those incidents prevent me from becoming a successful person.

Trust me when I say I know how awful it feels when those kinds of things happen.

And they do happen to many international students.
That is why you need this book. I want your memories of your student days in Canada to be the best possible.
The personally-tested and proven strategies, tips and exercises in this book will smoothly kick start your journey to Canada and give you deeper insights into how to ace your studies, your career and all aspects of your life from top to bottom. 

Learn how to avoid the issues that many international students face.
I've spent more than 16 years improving and perfecting strategies and tips for success, and they're all here, in my very first book. To all my fellow international students: if you're looking for better performance in every aspect of your life, if you're pursuing success as a mission, then this is the book for you.

"I genuinely wish I had had such an amazing guide book before I arrived in Canada. It definitely would have made my experience here much easier! Thank you very much for sharing."

Nikita B.
Student From Russia

"I liked that it is so personal, and that you have put EVERYTHING into this one book, unlike many other self-help books that give you small bites and make you subscribe to something else."

Terrence C.

boris remes
Boris left Almaty, Kazakhstan as an international student at the age of sixteen. 

He lived and worked in Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, studied on exchange in Paris, France, and has visited more than sixty countries in the past six years.

Fast forward today, Boris Remes is an award-winning education marketer, entrepreneur, speaker, and author.

And he has supported more than 1,000 international students and their families that have showed interested to pursue their dream life in Canada.
Hear From a Fellow Best-Selling Author

Author of Successful Student Recruitment With Google Ads: The Essential Guide

"If you are planning to study abroad, or even just considering it, buy this book! Boris Remes breaks down the entire process of studying and settling abroad step-by-step. 

By taking the student's journey from just considering whether or not to study abroad all the way up to finding employment after graduation, it's easy to know where to hop in and find out what to do, complete with checklists and step-by-step guidance."

Author of An International Student's Guide to attending Canadian Universities (Results May Vary)

"International students have brought much to the Canadian educational and economic landscape - often navigating their experiences with sometimes limited guidance from others who have gone before them. 

Boris doesn’t just talk the talk – he’s walked the walk. He speaks from personal experience and helps students to grow and become successful. Having Boris' guide, inspired by personal experiences, international students have a powerful tool to help with their academic, personal and professional paths to success.
...and From Professionals in Education

Associate Professor of Marketing, Schulich School of Business, York University

"Boris provides students with an informative and inspirational framework that helps them to navigate the waters of becoming an effective professional with the tools and capabilities necessary to succeed in the current date and age. I give his book my highest recommendation."

Client Relations Director, Executive Education, University of Warwick (Warwick Business School) 

"A thoughtful and extremely useful guide for any international student written by someone who's been through it. It is jam-packed with useful tips, advice and exercises that will help you get the most from your international university experience. Boris has written the definitive guide for international students and their parents!"

Former Chief Deputy Superintendent and School Principal

"This book is very clearly written, well organized, and easy to read. I am sure that international students in the process of mastering English will really appreciate the short, clear sentences, and will be able to grasp the points Boris is making without difficulty. Boris' book is jam-packed with excellent and very necessary advice for international students. Boris has used his own experience, both personal and professional, to put together a very comprehensive resource."

Finance Manager, York University

"A great source of powerful insight and practical advice that can help to navigate through the journey of being an international student."

Recruitment and Communication Coordinator,  Schulich School of Business,  York University

"This book provides valuable and much-needed advice for international students. It has many strengths: Boris shares many heartfelt personal experiences that make it easy for the readers to relate; and the process Boris describes is systematic, holistic (on-the-ground practical guidelines along with a big picture perspective) and very clear. Boris has done a masterful job of keeping his intended audience (high school students planning for university studies in Canada) in mind. I especially like the guidance Boris provides on networking."

Manager, Accreditation Partnerships, Canadian Professional Sales Association

“With subject areas as diverse as avoiding distractions, to how to remain healthy in a new country and develop effective study habits, Boris clearly articulates and condenses his years of experience as a former international student into this very helpful book. A must-read for any international student—and truthfully, many great tips even for domestic students.”

Here's a Sneak Peek of What's Inside Start Right: Success Habits for International Students

  • How to APPLY to Your Dream School & GET IN Using the Right Techniques: Understand the behind-the-scenes criteria and how schools evaluate applications.
  • Ways to Fund Your Studies: Studying abroad is cool. Getting a scholarship is even cooler. You'll get tips about researching scholarships in Canada and learn how to successfully secure a share of the limited funds.
  • Master Your English & Adapt to the Local Culture: I understand how embarrassing it is to have an accent that not everyone accepts. Not to worry though. I've been in your shoes and I know exactly HOW you can improve.
  • Simple, Easy-To-Develop Success Habits: Learn to change your mindset and start developing simple habits that will bring you success in almost everything you do.
  • How to Make Connections & Build Rapport, EVERY TIME, EVERYWHERE—Even if You're an Introvert: Being an introvert doesn't mean you have lost the game. You'll learn tricks to build your network because your network is your net worth!
  • What You Do in the First 90 Days Decides Your Fate: For some international students, arriving in an unfamiliar country is scary. Learn how to deal with your stress, make friends naturally, and get a mentor to guide you through this crucial period.
  • Step-By-Step Guide to Accelerate Your Personal Growth (and it works BEST if you've never tried before!): Read the personal experiences that I'm sharing openly for the first time ever. By learning from my examples and practicing what's written in the book, you will GROW in every respect including leadership skills, financial management, building a personal brand—but hopefully not in body size (though I'll have advice about how to avoid that, too!).
  • Skip the Boring Job Applications & Traditional Interviews & STILL Secure the Job You Want With the Pay You Deserve: Capture the hearts of interviewers in the first interaction and get them on your side. Learn the art of negotiating your salary and join the ranks of the top-earning international graduates in Canada.
  • How to File Taxes: It's new territory for many new international students, but it's essential to be familiar with & follow the correct procedure to pay your taxes. I believe you're the kind of person who wants to contribute to the society that's taken you in, right? It's all about doing your share.
  • The Secret Ingredients to Successfully Becoming a Permanent Resident or Citizen in Minimum Time: Do you want to stay in Canada? It's very possible. But you have to watch out for unauthorized immigration consultants. I'll tell you how to spot them and what you should do instead.


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 Ready-To-Print Worksheets for 6 Exercises
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Student From Uganda

"I totally wish I had this book back in 2013 when I started university. I failed out and then got back in only to realize much later that it was a culmination of changes and not having the right attitude—something most people would not truly understand. Being an international student is tough and tricky but I've seen how it has made me such a wholesome person. Thank you for helping the people who need it."

The Most Solid Money-Back Guarantee on Earth

I guarantee you’ll love this book and find lots of valuable information in it OR I'll refund your shipping fee and let you keep the book.

That's right. You don't even have to send the book back. Just drop me an email within 30 days of purchase, and I'll give you back your shipping fee.

No questions asked.

Wait! If You Are Like Me...

...then you might have the habit of *ahem* scrolling down to the bottom of every website you visit. And I am definitely cool with that.

Allow me to show you once again what you'll be getting: Start Right: Success Habits for International Students and the online community are jam-packed with proven tips, useful advice and practical exercises that will help you get the most from your international student experience in Canada.

You will learn how to easily fit into the local culture, master English and improve your accent, pick the right school and secure a scholarship, build your personal brand and network, graduate with flying colours, and land a high-paying dream job after graduation. 

And most importantly, you'll learn how to do all that while making lots of new friends!

You might be thinking, "Could this really work for me? By following what's written in a book, can I get to where I wanna be?" 

I believe a lot of folks feel that way, and that's definitely understandable!

That's why you're completely covered by our 30-day money-back guarantee. I want you to be at ease and feel safe. If what I show you doesn't work, I'll pay you back, with no questions asked. Listen to what others have to say:
Co-Founder, 3Skills
"It is one of the most important books I think I could've gone through. I wish I went through it 10 years ago. I am actually going to be grabbing a copy for some of my friends that just moved here as international students. I love this book as it covers all the essential pieces that are overlooked when we get here as international students. And it can help you avoid all the mistakes Boris and I made."

Honours BA, Political Science
Western University London, Canada

 "One of the best sources out there for information that international students often desperately need. Boris understands the confusion & anxiousness us international students might get- over simple thing that is so familiar at home but so unknown in Canada. He provides step by step guidance in a very simple manner. International students that are coming to Canada will greatly benefit from this book."

MBA Student From India

"Boris' strategies helped me in identifying the drivers of success. I will be focusing on myself instead of validation from external sources. Thank you once again for helping me identify the path towards success."

MBA Student From Azerbaijan

"This book will become a close friend and assistant of anyone considering studying in Canada. Students will refer to it at all stages of their education process and find really useful and practical advice which will save their vital time. It is easy to read, and the author covers every issue succinctly enough to provide advice. I would highly recommend it to all international students, especially to those who are at the very beginning of the school selection process."


Why the urgency?

Because I've already preordered and paid for the first 1,000 copies of this guide. Those are the ones I'm giving away. And once they're gone, I'll be charging full price for the paperback ($19.97) on Amazon.

I've never done anything like this before, and it feels like a risk. But you are worth it to me!

I understand fully how an international student feels being in a totally new and unfamiliar country. So, I want to be here for you. I'm committed to your growth!

That's why I've decided to take my giving to the next level.

But I can't say for how long this offer will be available. So take advantage TODAY.

Now it's up to you!

If you DON'T MIND continuing to close yourself off and not fostering any new connections at all simply because you're "a foreigner" or because you have no confidence in your English-speaking skills...

Or, if you DON'T MIND going back to your hometown empty-handed, with those barely-made-it-through results and no sign of a decent paying job...

Then it's totally your call.

But if you're anything like me—believing that there's someone or something that can guide you, offer you a hand, and show you step by step how to avoid the issues that could cross your path—then this book is for you! 

You will not only gain insight into the entire process of studying and settling abroad—you will also develop a different mindset about communication and what it takes to fit into Canadian culture!

Order now and you’ll gain instant access to endless possibilities.

Order now before the offer expires and the price goes up. 

Remember: this offer is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you don't like it, I'll pay you back every penny you've spent.

So jump in! More than a thousand other smart international students have already taken the plunge. Order this simple guidebook for creating a winning lifestyle in Canada from the first day you arrive. Join our online community and keep growing.

I wish the Soon-To-Be Successful You the best of luck in everything you do! 

Boris Remes
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Start Right?
Start Right is a genuine, authentic, and simple step-by-step guidebook to achieving success in Canada. Using what's shown in this book will help you fit into the local culture more easily, master your English and improve your accent, pick the right school and secure a scholarship, build your personal brand and network, graduate with flying colours, and land a high-paying dream job upon graduation. 
Who is this for?
This is for 2 types of people:
1- International students who are eager for success and who wish to have a comfortable life in Canada despite differences in culture and certain disadvantages as compared to local students.
2- Parents who plan to send their kids to Canada for further studies but do not know how.
How is this different from all the other stuff out there?
Generally, all the other stuff out there describes what it's like being overseas as an international student—and that's it. They barely scratch the surface when it comes to overcoming potential challenges and offer little guidance on how to fit into local culture, not to mention how to improve yourself as a person.

You'll be shown all that in my book. But what's most important for ANY international student is to have the ability to adapt and grow as fast as possible in an unfamiliar country. This book is centred on that mindset.
Is there a guarantee?
Yes, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee in case it's not for you. You can even keep the book.
Do you offer more in-depth help?
Yes. Nothing was held back while this book came together, and, to further supplement the book's content, I started the Start Right Portal where you'll find even more information.  But for the people who want to go even further, there are opportunities to upgrade your order after purchasing. Just click on the yellow box. It'll take you to a webpage where you'll find descriptions of the upgrades I'm offering right now.
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